Log Homes have dotted America’s landscape for generations. They were the first “green” method of building, all natural and energy efficient. Of course, times have changed, and log home construction has followed. Today’s log homes have been elevated to encompass modern building aesthetics while still honoring traditional and hand-crafted techniques.

One of Garrett County’s premier log home builders is Art Holland of AH Holland Homes who brings thirty years of experience to his craft. Art brings a different aesthetic to the home building business….he looks at each home as a work of art, custom designed with each individual homeowner in mind. To that end, he works closely with each of his clients and makes the home building process a collaborative one…and works to make it as stress free for the owner as possible.

A Yellowstone Log Home Independent Dealer since 2002, Art builds authentic Southwest style log homes that can be customized to suit any property. Yellowstone logs have been offering affordable log home packages since 1962. A family run business, they are very well known in the industry and their logs are milled from Western white wood, cut from standing dead timber. Their logs can be milled from six to sixteen inches in diameter which allows you to choose the look you want in your home. They have a multitude of home plans to choose from, any of which can be modified to fit your needs.

Looking for something totally unique? Art can custom design your home to fit your specific needs and to best suit your property. He loves nothing more than seeing a space, finding the perfect design and bringing it to life. In his eyes, each home he builds is a work of art. His warm and friendly approach, along with a personal touch, has brought more than new homes..it has forged relationships, relationships Art is very proud of.

Janice Harman, one of Art’s most recent customers, can attest to this. She and her husband Ron had been coming with their family to Deep Creek Lake for over thirty years. They were finally able to purchase some land two years ago and talked to several builders before going with Art. “We had talked to two other builders, but Art was the only one who came out to the property to look at it. He had a vision for cabin placement that we hadn’t even thought of,” says Janice. Their home, located on Penn Point, truly became all that they had envisioned it to be and they credit Art. “We made several changes during the process, and he was agreeable to everything. He also suggested things we never would have thought of, but it was never stressful. I would recommend him in a minute,” Janice added. “He made it all work and we are now enjoying our dream home.”

D-Shaped logs, Appalachian style logs with Dovetail corners, log railings, and timber steps is where Art can really bring a distinctive and contemporary look to your home. “Today’s style is industrial rustic,” explains Art, “and there are many ways we can bring that look into your home.” From rough sawn timber to board and batten siding to iron rails and accents, Art can customize any home package for you. If you want a totally different look from their traditional log structures, try Bark Siding, one of their more popular accents. It is wood that is flattened, laminated, and pressed into siding. Nails are used which will rust to make it even more distinctive. Art’s homes are also known for using log posts, trusses, timber beams and mechanical plates and bolt fasteners to give your home singular architectural features. “They are timeless but also on trend,” says Art.

Building a home can be a stressful experience but Art and his team do everything they can to make it easy for you. The first step is a consultation where he determines your wants and needs and surveys your property (if you have already purchased it). Then he will give you a graph paper sketch along with a price. After revisions are made, he will then come up with a final draft and after the contract is signed, construction begins. “It usually takes about nine months for construction start to finish, but the entire process usually takes a year but during that time you only deal with me,” says Art.

Of course, the recent pandemic has slowed supply on many building products but because Art bought a lot of his product ahead of time and works with smaller mills, he has plenty of inventory on hand which helps keep his pricing stable. “I have used the same crews building our homes for the past twenty years and my team is experienced and reliable,’ says Art. “We do our best to understand what the expectations are of the client, and we make every effort to meet and hopefully exceed them.” His team can also do repair work to existing log homes as well as additions and more.

Art grew up in Howard County, in a very rural area. As his hometown began to grow, he moved to Garrett County because he wanted his children to have the same childhood experiences he did. He and his wife Beth and their three children made Garrett County their home, and Art is proud of the homes he has built here over the years, and the relationships he has forged, many of which remain to this day.

If you are looking to build your dream home, give Art and his team a call today. Whether it be simple or intricate, he can bring your vision to life. For more information and customer testimonials visit his website at www.ahhollandhomes.com or call him directly at 301-616-2871.

Written by Linda Carr
Photography by Crede Calhoun