By: Linda Carr
Some of our area’s greatest assets are the small businesses you will find here. Businesses that represent the heart and soul of their owners. No local business has more heart and soul than Annie’s Country Kitchen in Accident, MD.
For almost her entire life, local Lisa Fratz Bonar had a dream to open her own restaurant — one that conveyed a warm, comfortable atmosphere and served delicious home-cooked food, the kind she and her siblings grew up eating at her mother’s and grandmother’s tables.
That dream became a reality in 1999 with the opening of Annie’s Kitchen, named after her paternal grandmother Anna Fratz, whose house Lisa lives in today. With fresh food literally “just like Grandma used to make”, Annie’s features an extensive menu, much like the one featured at her Grandmother’s boarding house back in the day.
And just like at Grandma’s, breakfast is one of the most popular meals at Annie’s where customers can choose from over-stuffed omelettes (including the Boarder’s Omelette with ham, sweet peppers, onion, tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms), huge hot-off-the-griddle Pancakes and Buckwheat cakes (in season) as well as a large variety of other breakfast favorites. You’ll find delicious country sides like fresh bacon and sausage (made from fresh Amish Pork products), homefries, and Annie’s signature toast in your choice of white, whole wheat, honey wheat or rye. Of course, no breakfast is complete without a side of delicious homemade strawberry preserves, which Annie’s offers daily. It is addicting, but don’t worry, you can take some home with you.
For lunch, fill up with one of Annie’s delicious overstuffed sandwiches made on homemade bread and filled with fresh deli ingredients including Lisa’s very own tuna, chicken and egg salads…all made fresh to order. Annie’s also features a great selection of hot subs and sandwiches including hot roast beef, turkey and meatloaf…served with real mashed potatoes, gravy and cole slaw.
Lisa worked at the Pizza Pub for years (locals and long time visitors will remember this as the restaurant at Deep Creek Lake where Uno’s stands now) and features two of their customer favorites on her menu: their delicious Meatball and Italian subs.
You’ll also find a great selection of burgers all made with Certified Angus beef and cooked to order. Their Reuben sandwich is not to be missed with fresh corned beef or roasted turkey and topped with sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, and Thousand Island Dressing on homemade grilled rye bread.
“You won’t find processed lunch meat in this restaurant,” Lisa says. “All of our turkey, ham and roast beef is fresh roasted on site.” Those wanting a lighter meal will find a nice variety of garden fresh salads on the menu as well as one of the area’s only salad bars, stocked full of delicious, fresh vegetables and sides along with at least two choices of delicious, homemade soups and fresh housemade dinner rolls.
Although Annie’s now closes at 3 PM each day, Lisa realizes that sometimes you may want a heartier meal and therefore is still serving her popular Boarding House dinners, ample servings of steak, fried or grilled chicken, ham, turkey, meatloaf, grilled pork chops and more. They each come with your choice of two sides or soup and salad bar.
Lisa still offers her daily lunch specials, always something fresh and delicious including her famous Cod Dinners every Friday.
A visit to Annie’s Kitchen is like a trip down memory lane. The walls of the restaurant are filled with old photos, election memorabilia (her family has been involved in the local Democratic party for years), and other items which tell the story of Garrett County and especially the town of Accident. Lisa even features her grandmother’s heirloom quilt, a beloved family treasure, on the wall.
Of course, Annie’s Kitchen is renowned for their variety of delicious, homebaked desserts. On any given day you’ll find such treats as Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing, Coconut Cake, or her signature Apple Dumplings as well as a nice selection of fruit and cream pies, all available by the slice or by the pie.
Lisa is very excited about a new line of Heirloom desserts she recently debuted. Inspired by her grandmother’s recipe box, Lisa is rotating several desserts popular during the depression, tasty “made from scratch” desserts like Lemon Meringue Pie with real, fresh Lemon, a delicious one-layer German Chocolate Cake, and a little known pie called Vinegar Pie, made from sugar, butter, vanilla and eggs…the added vinegar gives it a citrus taste that is indescribable.
Because times were hard, many of these recipes are eggless, and made without milk or butter. But using ingredients on hand, were still incredibly delicious. Other treats you’ll find at Annie’s this summer include a lighter than air Angel Food Cake with a cherry glaze, seasonal favorites like Strawberry Rhubarb pies, crisps and cakes. And of course, her famous Apple Dumplings are always available along with several varieties of cookies, nutrolls and more. Any dessert is available by special order with a 48 hour notice.
Annie’s Kitchen Country Restaurant is located along Garrett Highway (Rt. 219) in Accident. They’re open on Monday – Saturday from 7 AM to 3 PM and Sundays from 8 AM to 3 PM. Stop by soon for breakfast, hearty lunch or delicious dessert…you’ll be glad you did.