What is CBD? What are Essential Oils?  CBD OIl?  Is CBD habit-forming/  How do you use CBD?  How do you use Essential Oil?  Can you use them together?  What is the best way to use them…in a cream, in a lotion, or right out of the bottle?  Do they have a pungent odor and can I use them orally?  My brother-in-law told me that hemp CBD oil or cream might give me some relief from my back pain, is this true?  What is better, oil or cream?  How is it sold?  Do I need to spend a great deal of money? Is it available locally?
The questions and many more can be answered right here in Garrett County by folks with a vast knowledge of the industry.  John and Heidi Croskey along with their dedicated, professional and friendly staff, are ready and able to help you explore the ins and outs of this rapidly growing industry to get you where you need and want to be.
Appalachian Valley Natural Products (AVNP) was established by Butch Owen and his partner Jim Naeseth in 1998.  Over the next eleven years, AVNP became an international leader in the essential oil market, known for high-quality pure essenital oils with great customer service and shipping to customers throughout the United States and around the world.
After many years using essential oils, John and Heidi formed their own company, Ancient Healing Oils, in 2006.  As a small part-time venture, they supplied local practitioners with quality products at a fair price.  AVNP was then and still is the primary source of Essential and Carrier Oils for Ancient Healing Oils.  In August of 2018, after studying CBD derived from hemp and its uses, John started to produce, test, bottle and offer CBD Oils and Creams to his customers.
In August of 2009 when Butch Owen wanted to retire, he called his good friend and customer John Croskey and on October 10 of that year, Butch handed over the reins of AVNP to John.  Over the next three years, John travelled to Friendsville from his home in Sharon Hill, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) weekly, staying several days a week.  Renting an apartment from “Joe the Barber”, Joe and Mary Sessa, the family started coming out and enjoying Garrett County.  “This was my opportunity to move my family to the country,” John said.  In August of 2012, they made the move permanently and have enjoyed being close to the people in the area, for whom they have developed a deep affection.  “Not only did we acquire a new business, but with it came many new wonderful relationships,” says John.  “It is a great feeling to carry on the work of Butch Owen, keeping up with his policies of quality, purity and testing, and to see the business grow many times over.”
John has been involved with essential oils since the mid-1990’s.  While John has studied several different schools of Aromatherapy, he made the conscious decision not to be certified by any one particular institution.  “There are several people that I have tremendous respect for in the Aromatherapy World, but I do not agree with everything they say,” says John.  He believes a person must read, read and read everything they can on the subject, add personal experience, lots of time and read some more to know what you are doing in Aromatherapy.  With his 24+ years of experience combined with book knowledge, he is happy and willing to share with you what he feels is best but asks you to keep in mind that everyone’s body and make-up are different.  What works for others may work for you or it may not.  You may need more or less or something different from the other person.  John is willing to help you discover your personal journey.
All the oils offered by AVNP and AHO are tested for purity and quality.  “Remember,” he advises, “oils can be pure but of low quality.  The term ‘therapeutic grade’ has no internationally recognized standard and is a term used by companies to have people think their oils are better than the other guy.”  All of John’s CBD oils and creams are made on location right in Friendsville.  They are a  small but BIG company because most of their sales are from world-wide wholesale and retail internet sales.  Local residents and visitors can purchase directly from AVNP/AHO with the convenience of the retail store connected to the production facility in downtown Friendsville.  They will discuss your needs and process your order right on location.  All that come to the shop can enjoy receiving FREE samples and walk-in discounts.  Also, every order placed with AVNP or AHO receives three FREE samples, a rarity among businesses.
When it comes to CBD Oils and Creams, they offer made on location products that will meet and even exceed your expectations.  If you have never used CBD products before, John and his staff will take the time to discuss your needs and make recommendations based on their knowledge and experience.  They know what works and welcome your input after you’ve used their products for a while…they care about your experience with their company.
One of their more unique and useful products helps combat a very common problem — horse flies and mosquitoes.  Their all-natural Insect Repellent, made at their location is the DEET FREE way to have these annoying insects leave you alone.  Soothing to the skin and pleasant to the nose, their insect repellent comes in three aromas and two sizes….a scent for everyone in the family.  They also offer synthetic and chemical free shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body wash, handcrafted Beard Balms, fragrance sprays and more.  All are top quality, pure products that are sure to please.
At Appalachian Valley Natural Products and Ancient Healing Oils you can be assured that these products are the life blood of their business, not just another line fashionable eye catchers to fill up shelf space.  They are located at 258 – 260 Maple Street, Towne Center Friendsville, about a ten to twenty minute drive from most locations at Deep Creek Lake, a beautiful and bucolic drive through the hills of Garrett County.  The trip to Friendsville (a no light town and referred to as Garrett County’s “Mayberry”) is worth the trip.  Wouldn’t it be a life changer to some day look back on this short trip as they day you turned your whole life around?  Many customers tell John that they have their life back after using products he developed.
Walk-ins are welcome anytime and you can call your order in advance so it is ready when you arrive.  They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM but if you cannot make it during their normal operation hours, John will be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you.  They can be reached by phone at 301-746-4630 or via email at john@av-at.com.
Whether you live here year round or are visiting for a short period of time, this is a must visit on your schedule.  They can answer questions on essential oils, CBD products and more.  Be sure to visit their website as well at www.goAHO.com for CBD products and www.goAVNP.com for their all natural, high quality essential oils.  John and Heidi guarantee their products to be the best available and always put their customer FIRST.  That’s why their slogan is “An Informed Customer is our Best Customer”