The Garrett County Arts Council shines the spotlight on artist member Lynn Yoder, a painter and framer who will be opening a brand new studio this summer on the Spruce Forest Artisan Village campus.

Lynn has been creating art since childhood. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and graphic design from Frostburg State University in 2002. After spending a number of years as an art teacher, illustrator, and portrait painter, Lynn bridled his career for health reasons. He said, however, that he believes this time has made him a better artist. He is learning to appreciate each moment and to be more fully present, whether painting or otherwise.

The artist works in oils a few hours per week as his health allows. Occasionally he paints commissioned pieces. Much of his studio work has featured human figures whether in commissioned portraits, religious paintings, or other paintings conveying everyday human experiences. He is available to those interested in commissioning a portrait.

Plein air painting provides Lynn with an opportunity to play with his art, explore nature, and sharpen his artistic vision. Lynn is conscious to enjoy each subject for more than its painting content. He values each experience in nature and lives fully in the moment. Much of his art evokes quiet or peaceful emotions perhaps tied, he said, to his melancholic personality, quiet lifestyle, and Christian faith.

Lynn gained an understanding of light and color in the workshops of Douglas Flynt. He found that areas of form which angle away from the light are merely darker and grayer versions of the same hue facing toward the light. Shadow colors will, however, shift in hue as secondary light sources, such as reflected light and skylight, are present. Atmosphere adds yet another dimension. Though Lynn finds some phenomenon of color to be unexplained, he has found some guiding principles to make color mixing more predictable.
Currently Lynn is the custom picture framer at Whispering Pines Furniture of Springs, PA. In summer of 2022, he plans to open his own frame shop, gallery, and teaching space in a renovated building at Spruce Forest in Grantsville. The location is within the Grantsville Arts & Entertainment District

Lynn hopes to teach a series of art courses this summer on the Spruce Forest Artisan Village campus. The first session of each month will include a lecture and/or demo by the artist related to a particular concept or technique in painting. Students will work on projects of their choosing. Assistance will be offered in whatever way is needed with application of demos and lectures being ideal. Topics of study will include concept, composition, value, color, and edges, among other subjects. Both direct and indirect painting methods will be discussed. Classes will be tailored to fit the needs, interest, and skill level of students.

Lynn teaches from years of experience as a painter. He said he offers advanced concepts that some students will be ready to assimilate. Beginning students should not be overwhelmed by so much information that they learn nothing. Lynn intends to help students sort out what is right for them at this time.

“Painting is to be a meaningful experience with just the right amount of effort required to keep one growing without throwing up his or her hands in frustration,” he said.

The artist was a member of the Garrett County Arts Council many years ago and then rejoined in the past year. His work is on display and available for purchase at The Gallery Shop in Oakland.

In looking back at his painting career, Lynn said one of the more satisfying experiences is to have some of his faith-based paintings hang in church collections.

“I also enjoy seeing students get excited about art,” the painter said. “Their experiences are just as valid as mine, even though I am a professional.”

To those just beginning to paint, Lynn advises that above all they enjoy the process. “Don’t try to be great, but be genuine,” he said. “Work from life a lot to understand 3D form and space. Take time to play in sketches and studies. Explore new ideas even while doing the ‘serious’ paintings, such as commissions.”

Feel free to contact Lynn for more information about his art. He can be reached at 301-876-2138 and or at his website,

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By Mary Sincell McEwen of The Garrett County Arts Council