February 2023 Issue

Wintertime continues here on the mountaintop, with January bringing us a strange pattern of weather…ice, snow, spring-like temps, then ice and snow again. Kudos to the staff at Wisp Resort for doing their best to keep the ski area open and ready for business. They work hard to make your experience there as pleasant as possible.

This month, as we celebrate Black History Month, we take a look at the area’s only historically Black church, one that was abandoned, then used as a blacksmith shop, and is now finding new life as a historical center in beautiful Mt. Lake Park. Read Collen DuBose’s story beginning on Page 6.

This month’s Unsung Hero is one of my personal heroes…Heather Hanline of The Dove Center. As guest writer Judy Carbone explains so eloquently, Heather and her team has created a safe space for many women and children in the area, suffering from domestic and sexual abuse. Read more about her on Page 14.

Then, flip to page 42 to learn more about her daughter Madi Hanline, an incredibly talented painter in our area, who has a new exhibit opening at The Gallery Shop in downtown Oakland this month. Mike Fratz details more of his local adventures in The Mike Drop, starting on Page 32 and we look at some of the upcoming events in our area including a return of the Maryland Special Olympics.

Enjoy our latest issue of The Lake-Front. Again, we thank you for your support.
Linda Carr, Editor

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