By Mary McEwen of The Garrett County Arts Council

The Garrett County Arts Council is proud to shine a spotlight this month on Lorie Skidmore of Deep Creek Pottery. Lorie is a gifted artist who has been creating hand-crafted pottery for 26 years.

The signature pottery of her studio is well-recognized in the county and beyond, as is that of her husband, Ron Skidmore. The two, who have been married for nearly 25 years and are the parents of twins Lindsey and Derek, have built a fine collection of beautiful and sought-after work. Lorie owns and operates Deep Creek Pottery, where she offers not only her work but also her instruction and leadership. The studio specializes in wheel-thrown functional and decorative pottery with wood-firing, gas-firing and electric-firing capabilities. Her work ranges from mugs and small vases to large pots and bowls, most with elegant earth tones and blended hues of greens, blues, reds, and natural tan.

At Deep Creek Pottery, Lorie holds pottery classes, helps with mosaic tile creations, and offers “paint your own pottery” sessions. While the Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily curtailed much of her class work, she is able to provide mosaic kits, available at her studio as well as at The Gallery Shop in Oakland. When the virus restrictions are lifted, Lorie hopes to again host summer art camps for young students.

Lorie said her passion for working with clay has often been fueled by other Garrett County artists and potters. “They have been inspiring to me, as well as being wonderful mentors,” she said. In fact, Lorie has been an inspiring mentor herself in teaching her workshops and classes. She was engaged by the Garrett County Arts Council some years ago to provide a day of clay-making with the county’s public school art teachers. She led the educators in a day of pottery techniques, and each participant created a piece to take home. The workshop, a joint effort of GCAC and the public school system, was a resounding success. The reviews were glowing, with teachers asking when they could do it all again.

Deep Creek Pottery has been a rewarding endeavor for the artist. “My most satisfying moment of being an artist would be the opening of my current studio and the success of it,” Lorie said. “For anyone starting out in an art business, just be your best and don’t be afraid to take chances.”

She and Ron have been members of GCAC for many years, and Lorie has served as a member of the organization’s board of directors.

“Being connected to the arts council has given us more exposure to our work and our studio, and has allowed us the opportunity to display and sell our wares,” she said.

Deep Creek Pottery is located at 662 Laurel Ridge Road, McHenry, MD 21541. Hours are by appointment, which may be made by calling 301-501-1619. Deep Creek Pottery can be found on Facebook, and has a website at, where the full range of work is exhibited.

The Garrett County Arts Council is enriched by artists such as Lorie Skidmore, and is pleased to be able to offer a marketplace for her work and for all the member artists of all genres. To help support GCAC in its ongoing effort to support, promote, and enhance artistic endeavors across the county, you may become a member by going to and following the link for “membership.” Become a member today!