Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation. The need for which we all share. Deep Creek Lake’s newest business can offer that, and more. OMG Relax features highly effective “touchless” and “fully-clothed” massages using state-of-the-art massage chairs that were designed and backed by doctors and chiropractors from a company called Medical Breakthrough. The chairs offer a complete medical grade head to toe massage, all in a safe and serene environment.

OMG Relax is owned and operated by Chris and Randy Anderson. The couple is very familiar with the world of small business, having owned a restaurant and music venue in Montgomery County, MD for the past fifteen years. When Covid hit, and threw them and their existing venue a giant curve ball, with Deep Creek Lake being their happy place, the preparation began for an alternative and additional entrepreneurial vision. Randy had been a huge fan of high end massage chairs for many years. Their son, Jordan, went to massage therapy school and was supposed to graduate in May of 2020, but Covid put an end to that as well. So, with all of that in mind, the new vision was to offer massage in a safe environment, while remaining fully-clothed, being able to bring friends and/or family members who can also share the same beneficial experience.

OMG Relax had a “soft opening” on Memorial Weekend, 2021. In the short time that they’ve been opened, they’ve received an overwhelming response from the Deep Creek Lake community and beyond.

The benefits of massage have long been known to help with increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, improving range of motion, while relaxing overused muscles. For many of us, however, cost and time constraints limit the frequency with which we can enjoy these healthy indulgences.

OMG Relax is set in a relaxing environment that you can visit on your own or with a group of friends to get a complete head-to-toe massage — all while remaining fully clothed, without the use of oils. The best part? The cost is only $39.99 for 30 minutes of pure bliss. Appointments are recommended, although walk-ins are welcome, if there’s availability.

Randy did a lot of research before deciding which chairs to purchase for their business.. “The chairs from Medical Breakthrough are one of the best massage chairs in the world,” says Randy. This is not your ordinary massage chair. Medical Breakthrough chairs are designed by medical professionals and have even been used in universities for Wounded Warriors.

The Medical Breakthrough chairs offer a wide array of settings, anything from deep tissue, shiatsu, full body stretch, “aches and pains” relief, and a chiropractic body twist, along with many more. They can program the rollers to target trouble areas, while being able to control the roller width as well as the height. They can literally zero in by the inch. Not only does the chair offer many different settings, it offers many different intensity levels as well, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Chris and Randy not only program, but control your entire session, usually coming in approximately four different times throughout the 30 minute session, so that you can truly relax. In fact, most people have to be woken up by the end!

“It’s been so rewarding to see how much these chairs have helped some of our clients,” adds Chris. “We’ve had people that can barely step up onto the curb because they are in so much pain, and then tell us how much better they feel after a massage.”

Even though OMG Relax has only been open since May, they have given well over 500 chair massages and all reviews have been positive. People are enjoying it and better yet, telling their friends about it. “We’re not trying to imitate a one-on-one massage,” explains Randy. “We’re not in competition. This is something completely different, an alternative with similar benefits.”

To enhance your experience, the room which houses the chairs offers soothing music, a trickling water fountain and can be configured to grant privacy for your group of one to four. The chairs are all sanitized completely between each use. OMG Relax also offers two Foot Massagers, designed by Podiatrists for a relaxing and healing 20 minute foot massage (all for $29.99). These were designed to help people who have plantar fasciitis, nephropathy, and diabetes, as well as every day foot pain.

Keeping with their theme of relaxation and healing, the couple have curated a collection of unique items designed with that theme in mind. In this eclectic and wonderfully unique shop, you’ll find decor items, hand poured soy candles with relaxing scents, natural soaps, hand-stitched pillows, crystals, Himalayan Salt Lamps and a huge carousel of 184 different greeting cards by Leanin’ Tree. You will also find Chakra oils, Chakra bracelets, diffusers, lavender products from Solaedo Lavender Farm, and Tavern Puzzles which are produced by a small family of blacksmiths in upstate New York.

Part of OMG Relax’s mission is to use and promote local businesses and to that end they have dedicated their gift shop to mainly products made in the USA. You’ll find a large variety of products from Garrett County’s own Mountain Meadow Hemp farm in Accident, MD, including their popular CBD products for both adults and pets. From soothing CBD infused healing balm to Smooth Snooze to promote sleep, you’ll find a nice selection of products here.

Forget to bring your socks (required for all appointments)? Their gift shop now carries OMG Relax socks, proudly made in the USA in partnership with Custom Sock Lab. In addition to their therapeutic items, Chris and Randy have also chosen products to enhance the Deep Creek Lake Experience. This includes their unique “Lake Bears”, handcrafted by local seamstress Cheri Lapp. Hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts, from Tees-me-T’s in Oakland, MD. They also have beautiful handcrafted OMG Relax mugs available for sale.

“This is our happy place,” says Randy. “We wanted to give people a chance to bring family, friends and co-workers and give them a safe environment for a relaxing massage. Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.”

From the very beginning of their process, Randy and Chris wanted to work with the community. They hired local contractors to complete the renovation of their space at The Fort in McHenry, had their beautiful welcome desk and privacy dividers custom built by Schrock’s Country Store and bought other display pieces locally as well.

They worked with Penny McLaughlin to design custom t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for their business and used local graphic design artist Kendall Ludwig from the company Curly Red for their company logo and marketing work, both of which are in Oakland, MD. Their website was designed by Solnet Web and IT, which is also located in The Fort in McHenry, just four doors down from OMG. As for the huge classy illuminated storefront sign, they’d give that credit and design work to Jesse at Deerpark signs.

Both Chris and Randy are excited to be part of the Deep Creek Lake community. They have already done a lot of cross promotion with the other shops located in The Fort, recently holding a Business After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce in order to introduce other business people to the variety of shops now available there.

Try this unique Deep Creek Lake experience today. OMG Relax is located at the Fort in McHenry (1550 Deep Creek Drive) and is open Friday through Monday from 10 AM to 7 PM. You can call 301-616-6081 to schedule your appointment, although walk-ins are welcome (if space is available.). To learn more, visit their website at