For 35 years, Rush Services has been providing exemplary service to residents and businesses in Garrett County and beyond. The company was founded in 1983 by Barry Rush and is one of the last of a dying breed — a true family owned business. Already working as a licensed plumber and electrician, Barry had a stellar reputation as a knowledgable and dependable service man, and his business grew quickly.
What started as a one-man operation has grown to a company with 18 employees as well as wife Gretchen and sons Jason and Josh. Although Gretchen worked as a banker for most of her career, she always helped Barry behind the scenes and upon retirement she went to work for the company full time. It is a family ran business and the tradition continues……. you’ll often find Jason’s and Josh’s sons helping on the weekends and during the summer.
The business grew quickly, as customers (both residential and commercial) responded to Barry’s knowledge, dependability and integrity. Eleven years ago, the company expanded into its current location along Mosser Road, which features offices, garages, storage, and a large tin shop where custom duct work is designed on site for all their projects. Business continues to thrive and the company is seeking licensed HVAC technicians to come and work and grow with the company. Says Jason, “Our average lead technician has been with us about 15 years and they become part of the family after spending that much time together.”
Rush offers a variety of services including the sales, installation and service of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units as well as plumbing repairs and service and sales of hot water heaters and water pumps. They can also perform upgrades and repairs to your electrical systems and stand-by generators. Their company holds a Master Electrician’s License, Master Plumbing License and are licensed for HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), as well as by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). “We do everything from servicing furnace and air conditioning units to fixing a faucet,” explains Josh.
Their technicians are all qualified HVAC technicians that serve all of Garrett County as well as commercial enterprises in surrounding Frostburg, Cumberland and Keyser, WV. “We have a stellar reputation,” says Josh, “and that has allowed us to continue to grow throughout the years. We have more commercial clients than ever and are willing to go where the clients need us.”
Like all technology, heating and cooling equipment has evolved as well and Rush Services can help guide you through that. Says Josh, “Our knowledge of products benefits you. We can tell you which is not only best for your space but best for your wallets.”
Concerned with rising fuel costs? You may want to consider Geothermal Heat Pumps. Geothermal technology uses a series of underground wells which use the heat of the ground water to heat your home. Because the earth’s ground temperature remains fairly constant regardless of the season, this is a highly efficient and eco-friendly way to heat and cool a building. They generate at least three times as much heat energy as they consume which equals 300% efficiency. “Geo thermal units are the most efficient units,” says Josh, “but also the most expensive. You will save money over the long-run but homeowners have to look what’s best for their needs…and budget.”
Another popular option are the ductless units. They are used a lot in condominiums and townhomes, or homes without existing ductwork, says Josh. They have a 24 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating and are very efficient, even to 0 degrees.
If a new system isn’t an option, make sure your current system is operating as efficiently as possible. The service technicians are very up to date on ways to increase energy efficiency in your home as well as cost saving benefits. One of the most popular services is their duct cleaning program. “Mold and bacteria build up in ducts affecting air quality. It’s important to clean and sanitize ducts every five years for full time residences, more often for those used more sporadically where stale air builds up.” Rush can come in, clean and sanitize your duct work so your family is breathing clean, fresh air…especially important for those with asthma, allergies or other breathing problems.
Rush can also test your well water and recommend water purification and treatments that will help eliminate smells and tastes so you’re getting fresh tasting and pure water every time.
Other energy savings equipment to consider include tankless instant hot water heaters. You get never ending hot water, explains Josh and it’s very energy efficient. Instead of 50 gallons of hot water heating constantly, this system only heats as water is used.
“Another thing homeowners should look at are converting to LED lights. There is a tremendous overall savings with a minimal upfront investment,” says Josh. Because of evolving technology, you no longer have to change out light fixtures completely. Now it can be done with a quick retro fit. “The payback period on this is very short,” says Josh.
Think you can’t afford to make these upgrades? Josh recommends looking into current rebate programs currently being offered by Potomac Edison. Because most new equipment is up to 96% energy efficient, the electric company offers different rebates on everything from heating and ac units to new refrigerators or dishwashers. Rush is happy to help you figure out what works best for you and your budget.
Of course, your heating and air conditioning systems are a huge investment, no matter what kind you may have…and it’s important to keep them well maintained and properly functioning. Rush Services now offers a Preventative Maintenance Agreement that will help prevent mid-season breakdowns. For a one time price (dependent on type of system owned), Rush will check your system one or two times a year. This helps not only extend the lifespan of your system and improve energy efficiency but will also prevent future repairs. Should the system encounter problems during the season, customers will receive priority service at a 10% discount. This agreement can extend to other equipment including humidifiers, air cleaners, gas fireplaces, and tankless water heater services.
When they moved into the new building they devoted a lot of space to their tin shop where they manufacture all the duct work for new systems as well as custom copper, stainless steel. “We make all of the duct work that we install,” says Josh. Why custom duct work? Josh explains “All chimneys are different, we can manufacture a chimney cap that works perfectly for yours. Our staff has made everything from fenders for older vehicles to leaf collection units and more.”
For more information, contact Rush Services at 301-387-6481 or check out their website at These friendly, experienced and highly qualified servicemen will keep your systems running smoothly!