Although Maryland is known for its delicious seafood, finding a fresh and affordable product has always been a bit more difficult to come by in this part of the state. That is no longer true. With the opening of Trout’s House Seafood Market last summer, area seafood lovers will find all they could want for a delicious seafood meal and more.
Owned and operated by John and Megan Trout and ably assisted by John’s mother Shari Phillips, Trout’s House sells a large variety of fresh fish and seafood including crab legs, shrimp, scallops and more!
John comes by his love of seafood naturally — he was raised working in his Grandfather’s store, Trout’s Market, in Woodsboro, Maryland, working none other than the seafood counter. The market was a family affair and is still in business today run by John’s father and siblings. John’s uncle is in the wholesale seafood market and it was delivering for him that John first discovered a need for his product in Western Maryland. Shari had been living up here for several years and often bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t get fresh and affordable seafood in the area. John knew he had the product, and once he found a location, Trout’s House Seafood Market was launched.
‘We offer fresh market fish,” says John. “It’s a higher end product but we can offer the best price and freshest seafood available.” At Trout’s House you’ll find fresh shrimp, premade crab cakes (their best seller!), both wild and farm raised salmon, tuna, trout, sea bass along with clams, oysters, and mussels. They also have frozen lobster, jumbo crab legs, and shrimp by the bag.
Of course, nothing is more delicious than Maryland’s very own specialty…crabs. Because of the variety of suppliers John and his family have contacts with, John can offer crabs year round. He sells crabs live or already steamed with their specialty blend of seasonings John’s grandfather created in the 1980’s. Crabs are sold by bushel, half bushel, and dozen.
You can purchase fresh shrimp from North Carolina or shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, frozen as soon as its caught to maintain freshness. They have specialty oysters they can bring in from other areas as well as lobsters of different sizes.
Not only do they sell delicious seafood, they also carry everything that you need for your seafood meals including specialty blend seasonings, sauces, mallets, oyster knives, seafood skewers, shrimpers, and even brown paper to keep your table mess free! Trout’s House will even steam for free, seasoned or unseasoned.
You’ll find different types of breading and batters to cook up your seafood as well as Trout family favorites dipping sauces and marinades, including specialty products like their house made Crab and Buffalo Dip. And, of course, Maryland’s finest seasoning: Old Bay. They even have Herr’s Old Bay flavored chips!
Not sure how to cook fresh seafood? John can offer suggestions and recipes for you. He and Megan are proud to offer the freshest seafood and can tell you exactly where his product came from. Says John, “If there’s one thing with this business, you have to be honest and knowledgeable about your product.” The Trout family has based their reputation on that for over 80 years.
If you are having a dinner, a party, or a huge feed, Trout’s House is here for you! As soon as you know what you need and when you need it, give them a call and they will have your order ready. If you’re looking for a particular type of fish, John can special order it for you with a few days advance notice. Be sure to keep them in mind for the upcoming holiday season as well.
Trout’s House Seafood Market is located on 2437 Deep Creek Drive (behind The Greene Turtle) and is open Wednesday & Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM; Friday & Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM and on Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM through September. Starting in October, they will be open Thursday through Saturday through the winter but are always available for large special orders.
So, if you’re looking for high-quality, fresh seafood, visit the Trout family in McHenry today. Call ahead for pricing or to have your food steamed at 240-488-4920.